Fund Activity Q2 2019

California Public Employees Retirement System up 4%, AUM 80 billion

Price T Rowe Associates Inc/MD AUM 700 billion, up 5%

Harbor Spring Capital, LLC increases PAGSEGURO DIGITAL LTD by 17% representing 7% of their holdings; concentrated; down 3%

Victory Capital Management Inc AUM $50,717,509,000; up 15%

UBS Asset Management Americas Inc AUM $140,319,413,076, up 4%

Jane Street Group, LLC AUM 20 billion, down 20%

Sylebra Capital Ltd sells 11% of COUPA SOFTWARE INC ; up 27%

Canyon Capital Advisors LLC invests 416,220 000 into ALTABA INC, sells 20% of CAESARS ENTMT CORP; up 19%

Battery Partners IX, LLC sells 20% of Avalara; concentrated; up 1%

Goldman invests 3.2 billion in UBER, AUM $328,515,376,500; up 2%

Blackstone Group Inc allocates 4% to CHANGE HEALTHCARE INC; down 8%

Bares Capital Management, Inc. increases Square by 300%; up 3%

ValueAct Holdings, L.P. sells 30% of ALLIANCE DATA SYSTEMS CORP, AUM up 5%

UBS Oconnor LLC adds several concentrated positions to the top of their holdings. AUM up 86%

Paulson & Co. Inc. adds ANADARKO PETE CORP, representing 5% of total holdings; up 20%

Citadel Advisors LLC AUM $95,020,145,800, up 9%

Hillhouse Capital Advisors, Ltd. adds NEW ORIENTAL ED & TECH GRP, up 25%

Hillhouse Capital Management, Ltd. 20% in UBER; up 31%

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust sells 10% of BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC DEL; down 5%

Warburg Pincus exits oil, allocates 58.91% to Crowdstrike; up 122%

Abdiel Capital Advisors, LP sells 25% of SHOPIFY INC, 11% of MIMECAST ; up 22%

Capital International Investors AUM $250,639,233,000, up 8%

Aviva Holdings Ltd. allocates 22% of its portfolio to INSEEGO CORP; up 5%

Ra Capital Management, LLC increases ZOGENIX INC by 56%; down 20%

Hudson Executive Capital LP half of their portfolio is allocated to DEUTSCHE BANK AG; AUM 1 billion; no change

Grosvenor Holdings, L.L.C. increases several positions, up 22%

Boxer Capital, LLC increases several positions, up 32%; AUM 1 billion; highly concentrated

JS Capital Management LLC allocates 31.86% of their portfolio to RANPAK HLDGS CORP; up 44%

Makaira Partners LLC sells several of their holdings, down 19%

Scge Management, L.P. increases OKTA by 230%, representing 7% of their portfolio; up 25%

Palo Alto Investors LP is down 14%; highly concentrated

Praesidium Investment Management Company, LLC increases INSTRUCTURE INC by 128%, representing 7% of their portfolio; highly concentrated; up 7%

Berkshire Hathaway Inc up 4%

Advent International Corp/MA sells 49% of LULULEMON ATHLETICA, INC.; down 14%

William Marsh Rice University increases BLACK STONE MINERALS LP by 78% representing 88% of their portfolio; up 30%

Sachem Head Capital Management LP is down 42%, sells several positions

Matrix Capital Management Company, LP acquires 800 million stake in ADAPTIVE BIOTECHNOLOGIES COR; up 44%

Feinberg Stephen sold 20% of PDVWIRELESS INC; highly concentrated; down 17%

Anchorage Capital Group, L.L.C. went big on PG&E CORP ; up 17%

Hill Path Capital LP all in on Seaworld; up 110%

Elliott Management Corp sells 26% of HESS CORP, one of their most concentrated positions. AUM down 16%

Cyrus Capital Partners, L.P. sells 48% of ALLY FINL INC and 21% of UNITED CONTL HLDGS INC. Both companies represent their most concentrated holdings; up 2%

Kora Management LP increases Sea by 76%; up 49%

Lone Pine Capital LLC reduces several positions, down 6%

Sessa Capital IM, L.P. adds CORTEVA INC, sells 20% of ALTICE USA INC; up 24%

Jericho Capital Asset Management L.P. allocates 9.83% to SNAP, 8% to BROADCOM, and 8% to AMAZON; up 3%

Light Street Capital Management, LLC a varied plethora of IPO’s and growth stocks; highly concentrated. Allocates 10% of their portfolio to SLACK, AUM up 47%

MSD Partners, L.P.  up 22%

Greenlight Capital Inc sells 36% of GENERAL MTRS CO, allocates 2% to SCIENTIFIC GAMES CORP; AUM $1,355,436,000; down 4%

Altimeter Capital Management, LP up 25%

Meritech Capital Associates IV, L.L.C. sells 10% of ANAPLAN, a position that represents 97% of their portfolio; up 10%

Newtyn Management, LLC sells 40% of PG&E CORP, increases ALTABA INC by 107%. Still holding TILRAY, will have to look into that one further; up 10%

Millennium Management LLC down 3%, AUM $60,231,124,400

Contour Asset Management LLC sells 18% of Zynga, adds Stitch, FIVE9 INC; up 1%

Deep Basin Capital LP increases several positions; energy focused; up 21%

Gates Capital Management, Inc. adds IAA INC, representing 6% of their portfolio; up 8%

Icahn Carl C adds OCCIDENTAL PETE CORP, representing 6% of his
$26 billion portfolio; up 10%

Marathon Asset Management LP allocates 20% of their portfolio to CLEAR CHANNEL OUTDOOR HLDGS; up 91%

Appaloosa LP sells 27% of PG&E CORP. Looking like that was a good decision; down 11%

MIG Capital, LLC sells 8% of GROUPON INC, adds GUIDEWIRE SOFTWARE INC; AUM down 3%

Raging Capital Management down 13%

Baker Bros. Advisors LP down 6%

Sand Grove Capital Management LLP up 131%

Starboard Value LP down 20%, adds AECOM

3G Capital Partners LP down 14%

Corvex Management LP increases MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL by 31%, a position representing 35% of their portfolio; up 33%

Deccan Value Investors L.P. increases HERBALIFE NUTRITION LTD by 61% representing 35% of their portfolio; down 12%

Barclays PLC AUM $95,835,661,941, up 22%

Eagle Capital Management LLC AUM $28,597,143,000, up 8%

Scopia Capital Management LP down 24%

Cevian Capital II GP Ltd increases VEONEER INCORPORATED by 40%, representing 25% of their portfolio; down 2%; only two positions

Steadfast Capital Management LP up 16%, adds to several positions; AUM $7,133,194,500; highly concentrated

Bank of America Corp/DE AUM $616,608,672,600, up 2%

Viking Global Investors LP takes a new position in ADAPTIVE BIOTECHNOLOGIES CORP representing 8% of their portfolio. Highly concentrated; AUM 8 billion; up 28%

Par Capital Management Inc increased EXPEDIA GROUP INC by 19%, representing 20% of their portfolio; highly concentrated; AUM 5 billion; up 11%

Cat Rock Capital Management LP increases CARGURUS INC by 38%, representing 37.67% of total holdings; up 52%

Altarock Partners LLC increases CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS by 11%; UP 10%

Goldentree Asset Management LP makes several new acquisitions; concentrated; AUM 800 million; up 13%

Omni Partners LLP allocates 14% to Anadarko; AUM $1,827,121,900; up 128%

Schroder Investment Management Group AUM $93,209,540,000; up 51%

Parnassus Investments/CA increases Microsoft by 88% making it their most concentrated position. AUM $26,421,738,000; up 4%

Majedie Asset Management Ltd sells 12% of Barrick Gold, their top position. Looking to be a terrible decision. AUM down 8%

Origin Asset Management LLP sells several positions, AUM down 25%

Fundsmith LLP  up 9%; highly concentrated; AUM 19 billion; adds to several positions

Belvedere Trading LLC has an interesting investment strategy

Gladstone Capital Management LLP up 54%, allocates 22.48% of portfolio to Square, and increases total position by 54%. Up 45%

Valiant Capital Management, L.P. up 12%

Partners Group Holding AG takes a new position in Clarivate Analytics PLC allocating 12.46% to the company, making it their most concentrated position. Up 12%

Fayez Sarofim & Co sells 9% of Coca Cola, and 15% of Apple, 11% of Exxon ; up 2%

BLS Capital Fondsmaeglerselskab A/S up 32%, highly concentrated

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc up 2%. AUM $102 billion

Ceredex Value Advisors LLC down 3%, AUM 8.6 billion

Artisan Partners Limited Partnership up 7%, AUM $54,094,546,600

Sovereign wealth fund Korea Investment Corp up 23.7% for the year. Increases MERCK & CO INC by 51% and GM by 321%.

Greenwoods Asset Management Ltd down 7%, sells 20% of NEW ORIENTAL EDUCATION, their second most concentrated position, representing 19% of of their portfolio

American Capital Management Inc up 8%, concentrated, little change

Asia Research & Capital Management Ltd sells 25% of TRANSOCEAN INC; makes several changes; highly concentrated; energy sector; down 28%

Ithaka Group LLC highly concentrated; up 5%

Highfields Capital Management LP appears to liquidate most of their holdings. Q1 AUM was $727,400,000

Tiff Advisory Services Inc sells several position, AUM down 27%

Sprucegrove Investment Management Ltd increases BANCO BRADESCO S A by 17%, AUM up 6%.

Taikang Asset Management (Hong Kong) Co Ltd up 20%, AUM $873,198,000; adds to and increases several positions; Asian concentrated.

Edgewood Management LLC up 7%, AUM $30,442,399,000; sells COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, a position valued at $844,114 000; increases ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC by 53%; adds 4,630,223 shares of Microsoft

Shenkman Capital Management Inc up 13%

La Financiere De L’Echiquier adds to several positions; concentrated; up 14%; AUM $684,521,000

Benefit Street Partners LLC sells 42% of BERRY PETE CORP; $497,463,800; down 34%

Numen Capital LLP up 114%; highly concentrated; allocates 50% of their holdings to ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORP

Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Co down 10%, 5 billion

Citigroup Inc $72,317,814,400, up 24%

Principal Financial Group Inc $111,212,347,000; up 4%

Cbre Clarion Securities LLC $4,752,970,000; liquidates several of their top positions by as much as 30%; down 22%

LFL Advisers, LLC up 14%; highly concentrated

Assenagon Asset Management S.A $6,173,033,300; sells Apple in the 1st quarter, then re-adds in the 2nd. In the 4th quarter of the 2018 it was their second most concentrated position, representing 3.20% of their portfolio. As of Q2 2019, it represents 4.59% of their portfolio; up 9%

Lateef Investment Management, L.P. up 36%

Royce & Associates LP $11,063,719,000; down 7%; reduces several positions

Ashmore Wealth Management LLC down 11%, reduces several positions; AUM $1,531,431,000; concentrated

Cortland Advisers LLC , similar to Ashmore, down 8%

TT International up 37%, increases BABA by 36% making it their most concentrated position. Takes new positions in VEON LTD and QUDIAN INC, representing 4.96% and 4.92% of their holdings respectively

Bank of New York Mellon Corp $379,836,381,340, up 2%

Green Valley Investors LLC down 10%; reduces several positions; highly concentrated; $1,759,206,000

Rutabaga Capital Management LLC/MA reduces several positions; concentrated, AUM $350,561,000; up 3%

Fiera Capital Corp $27,645,587,000, up 3%

Lasalle Investment Management Securities LLC reduces several of their top holdings, adds WELLTOWER; down 5%; AUM  $3,705,976,000

First Eagle Investment Management, LLC $37,023,703,800, increases NEWMONT GOLDCORP CORPORATION by 76%, allocating 2.19% of their portfolio to the company; no change

Vitruvian Partners LLP sells 14% of FARFETCH LTD, a position representing 87% of their holdings; $453,106,000; down 29%

Insight Holdings Group, LLC $1,827,424,000; down 39%; reduces most of their significant holdings; highly concentrated

Loews Corp up 7%, $13,068,708,100

Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Co $24,884,373,000; up 9%. ISHARES TRCORE S&P500 ETF; represents 19% of their holdings.

Wisconsin Capital Management LLC up 66%

HMI Capital, LLC increases TABLEAU SOFTWARE INC by 23%; $982,441,000; up 16%

Sustainable Growth Advisers, LP up 8%; $9,732,191,000

Alpine Associates Management Inc. adds several new positions; $3,384,847,900; up 12%

Polen Capital Management LLC up 8%; increases several positions; $20,643,947,000

Keywise Capital Management Ltd up 8%; adds several new positions; concentrated

Swan Global Investments, LLC down 22%, reduces several positions

Newport Trust Co adds Parsons Corporation; $36,965,241,000; up 11%

S Squared Technology, LLC sells 15% KRATOS DEFENSE & SECURITY

Renaissance Technologies LLC up 3%; $113,583,341,000

Nuance Investments, LLC up 23%, $2,363,086,000; concentrated

Tiger Pacific Capital LP sells TAL Education Group and PINDUODUO INC; increases several positions; Asian focused; concentrated; $315,891,000

Northern Trust Corp $424,984,710,000, up 4%

Triple Frond Partners LLC up 14%, highly concentrated; $988,943,000

Magellan Asset Management Ltd $34,745,141,000; up 10%; increases several positions; sells Wells Fargo and Kraft, positions valued at $1,125,681 000 and $1,211,094 000 respectively

Third Point LLC sells 18% of Baxter, their top position; $8,539,178,000; highly concentrated; down 4%

Harbourvest Partners LLC sells 5% of Solarwinds, a position representing 55% of their holdings. down 1%

Mizuho Bank, Ltd. down 27%, $821,697,000

Sandbar Asset Management LLP up 58%

Maso Capital Partners Ltd up 38%

Green Court Capital Management Ltd up 25%; 68% of portfolio in Alibaba

Daido Life Insurance Co up 10%

MUFG Securities EMEA plc increases Royal Bank of Canada by 514%, AUM 9 billion, up 12%

Brown Capital Management LLC 10 billion, up 7%

Cliffwater LLC sells 36% of CVB financial. The position currently represents 39.47% of their holdings; down 15%

EdgePoint Investment Group Inc. up 10%, increases several positions

Omega Fund Management, LLC up 26%, adds 15% of their AUM to Morphic Holding. AUM $392,079,000

Cibc World Markets Corp up 8%, AUM $10,939,216,000

International Value Advisers, LLC sells several positions; highly concentrated; down 5%; AUM $2,584,571,000

Koch Industries Inc up 23%, adds ANADARKO PETE CORP and TABLEAU SOFTWARE INC

RWC Asset Advisors up 30%; increases several positions; highly concentrated; increases PETROLEO BRASILEIRO SA PETRO by 73%, allocating 23.17% of their portfolio to the company

Spring Creek Capital LLC up 47%; allocates 12.98% to ANADARKO PETE CORP and 12% to TABLEAU SOFTWARE INC, both new positions; highly concentrated. Shares investment discretion with Koch Industries

Toronto Dominion Bank allocates 29.71% of their $120,377,060,490 portfolio to SPDR GOLD TRUST GOLD call options

Egerton Capital (UK) LLP sells 36% of Microsoft; AUM down 3%

Foresite Capital Management II, LLC down 20%, little changes

Bridgewater Associates, LP significantly reduces several of their overseas holdings, down 22%

Waterfront Capital Partners, LLC sells 36% of AMERICOLD RLTY TR, their most concentrated holding; allocates 5.57% to ALEXANDRIA REAL ESTATE EQ IN. down 16%

HSBC Holdings PLC maintains 10% of their $43,474,674,900 portfolio in Alibaba; down 3%

Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. up 7%, 14 billion

Mittleman Brothers, LLC sells 12% of Revlon.

PSquared Asset Management AG increases Red Hat by 151%, representing 42% of their holdings; up 82%

Standard Life Aberdeen plc down 2%, 45 billion;

Dimensional Fund Advisors LP $257,547,221,000, up 3%, and 14% for the year

Carmignac Gestion reduces several positions, down 6%, total assets 8 billion

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. AUM $8,117,692,000, reports a new position in BRIDGEBIO PHARMA INC, representing 12.26% of their portfolio. AUM up 24%

Parametric Portfolio Associates LLC AUM $121,709,508,200, up 5%

Yale University, $120,914,000, decreases JBG Smith by 34%. It currently represents 66.49% of their portfolio. They also sold Arvinas Inc; down 29%

Barrow Hanley Mewhinney & Strauss LLC $62,189,194,000, is down 2%

APG Asset Management N.V. $71,863,946,000, up 5%

FMR LLC $856,179,155,784, up 3%

Levin Easterly Partners LLC increases several positions, up 17%. $4,862,737,000

Aew Capital Management LP reduces several positions, down 6%

Thrive Capital Management, LLC sells 52% of Microsoft; highly concentrate; down 23%

SP Asset Management reports allocating 35% of their portfolio to Facebook; up 7%

Blair William & Co/IL is up 7%, 17 billion

Fil Ltd [ formerly Fidelity International Ltd ] AUM  $66,341,597,000, up 4%

American International Group Inc $24,757,023,600, down 6%, reduces several positions

AXA [ formerly Axa Uap ] $186,171,065,800, up 4%

Independent Franchise Partners LLP $9,716,628,000, up 10%; concentrated

Dragoneer Investment Group, LLC increases Greensky by 58%, up 52%; allocates 39.28% of their holdings to Uber

General Atlantic LLC allocates 19% of their portfolio to Uber, 1.5% to CHINA INDEX HOLDINGS, a penny stock. This stands out because their portfolio is so concentrated; up 43%

Cadian Capital Management, LP increases ZOGENIX INC by 146%, down 13%

Bain Capital Credit, LP allocates 20% of their portfolio to PG&E CORP

UBS Group AG up 6%, $238,465,781,806

Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership up 6%, $45,959,249,000

Stifel Financial Corp $38,781,395,000, up 25%

Invesco Ltd. $388,476,710,000, up 31%

Bain Capital Public Equity Management II, LLC switches from Bain Capital Public Equity Management, LLC

Bain Capital Investors LLC $2,070,432,000, sells 27% of GENPACT LIMITED, a position representing 27% of their portfolio

Royal Bank of Canada $225,816,365,700 , up 7%

Partners Group Holding AG allocates 12% of their portfolio to Clarivate Analytics PLC, making it their most concentrated position

Flagship Pioneering Inc. down 13%; highly concentrated; $2,310,279,000

BlackRock Inc. $2,350,847,858,900, up 5%. Total assets up 18% for the year

Crestview Partners III GP, L.P. sells 33% of Northern Oil & Gas, Inc.; $367,446,000; highly concentrated; down 44%; focus on oil sector

WT Asset Management Ltd adds to several positions; focus on Asia; up 26%; concentrated

Longview Asset Management, LLC up 7%; 94% concentrated in General Dynamics; $6,345,930,000

Longview Partners (Guernsey) Ltd $20,623,677,000; sells IQVIA HLDGS INC, DOLLAR GEN, and ZIMMER BIOMET HLDGS INC; up 9%, adds to several positions

Rho Capital Partners Inc allocates 38% of their portfolio to NGM BIOPHARMACEUTICALS INC; up 53%

Atlanta Capital Management Co LLC 22 billion; increases BERKLEY W R CORP by 36%, making it their second most concentrated holding; up 7%

Impala Asset Management LLC down 11%; focus on mining/industrials

Skye Global Management LP run by a 28 year old, increases Amazon by 189%, sells 38% of Microsoft and 63% of Netflix; up 5%

Carlyle Group L.P. increases Onesmart Intl Ed Group Ltd by 34%, AUM down 2%

Baupost Group LLC/MA $11,047,254,000, down 7%

Prudential PLC up 12%, 32 billion

Fine Capital Partners, L.P. down 19%,  $561,174,600; 31.77% of their portfolio is allocated to Scientific Gaming Corporation

HG Vora Capital Management, LLC increases three large positions, highly concentrated; up 1%

Soma Equity Partners LP up 17%, highly concentrated

Alliancebernstein L.P. AUM $160,687,860,800, up 5%

Svennilson Peter allocates 66% of their portfolio to NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc; only holds 4 positions; up 86%

Firefly Value Partners, LP down 12%

Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb L.P. AUM $7,425,228,000, down 24%

Dynamo Internacional Gestao De Recursos Ltda. allocates 14% of their portfolio to AVON PRODS INC; $986,701,000; highly concentrated. Related fund Dynamo Administracao de Recursos Ltda does the same; up 46%

National Pension Service up 15%, $29,920,119,000, Korean

Turtle Creek Asset Management Inc. increases BERRY GLOBAL GROUP by 25% allocating 15% of their portfolio to the company; up 2%

Abingworth LLP allocates 56% of their portfolio to Personalis; up 133%

Alatus Capital Ltd sells 33% of Ferrari. Only holds 2 positions; down 9%

Wellington Management Group LLP is only up 1%. Seems to have under-performed compared to its peers. $461,287,410,000

Hunting Hill Global Capital, LLC up 14%, increases Red Hat by 43%, allocating 25% of their portfolio to the company; AUM $411,465,500

Ranger Global Real Estate Advisors, LLC down 17%

Solus Alternative Asset Management LP $455,892,000, allocates 11% of their portfolio to CLEAR CHANNEL OUTDOOR HLDGS; up 10%

D1 Capital Partners L.P. up 27%; increases several positions; 7 billion

Brahman Capital Corp. down 26%, reduces several positions

Camden Asset Management LP/CA down 10%; $3,031,189,300

Immersion Capital LLP adds Eventrite and RYANAIR HLDGS PLC. Highly concentrated; up 20%

Darsana Capital Partners LP sells 24% if NYT; up 15%

Dorsal Capital Management, LLC increases ALTABA INC by 51%; up 17%

Farallon Capital Management LLC adds ANADARKO PETE CORP, their second most concentrated position; $11,111,839,800; 2%

Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. down 34%

Camber Capital Management LP increases MYLAN by 61%, making it one of their most concentrated holdings; no change

Vanguard Group Inc $2,657,985,145,000, up 4%

First Reserve GP XIII Ltd sells 80% of KOSMOS ENERGY LTD, only holds 2 positions; down 42%

New Mountain Vantage Advisers, L.L.C. invests 2 billion into AVANTOR representing 69% of their portfolio

TCI Fund Management Ltd Highly concentrated; $18,538,398,000; makes several notable additions; up 21%

Manufacturers Life Insurance Company $85,868,324,000, down 2%

Voya Investment Management LLC $46,584,332,000, up 5%

SailingStone Capital Partners LLC highly concentrated, down 36%

Mason Capital Management LLC allocates 21% of their portfolio to OCCIDENTAL PETE CORP; $523,650,000; up 13%

Click on the link to view their holdings

Royal London Asset Management Ltd increases Verizon by 13%, AUM decreases by 16.7%

Cookson Peirce & Co Inc increases Paycom by 110%; no change

Magnolia Group, LLC increases position in Wells Fargo by 39%, a position representing 35.27% of their total holdings.

Ursa Fund Management, LLC increases ALTABA INC by 165%. It now accounts for 79% of their total holdings. They also doubled their AUM compared to the prior quarter

Umb Bank NA/MO  adds HBM Holdings Company as their most concentrated position, allocating 18.48% of their AUM to the company. Up $800 000 000

Aperio Group, LLC increases AT&T by 17% . AUM up $700 million

Intact Investment Management increases Enbridge by 26%, putting it in second for their most concentrated position

Agf Investments Inc.down $700 million

Dupont Capital Management Corp adds SPDR SP 500 ETF TRUST, CORTEVA INC and DUPONT DE NEMOURS INC to the top of their holdings. In the prior quarter, their most concentrated position was DOWDUPONT INC, which represented 15.56% of their holdings.

KBC Group NV up $800 million, increasing Merk and Oracle by 18% and 30% respectively

Kiltearn Partners LLP down 10%

Aviva PLC up $400 million

Fisher Asset Management, LLC up $5 billion

Schafer Cullen Capital Management Inc up\24% from 6.8 billion to 8.5 billion

Zurcher Kantonalbank (Zurich Cantonalbank) increases by $600 million

Investec Asset Management Ltd increases AUM by 1 billion, almost completely liquidates Alibaba, reducing the position by 88%. Increases Booking Holdings by 45%

Investec Asset Management North America, Inc. increases Alibaba by 48%

Alecta Pensionsforsakring, Omsesidigt up 1.5 billion. 23% of their portfolio is concentrated in Microsoft and Google.

Los Angeles Capital Management & Equity Research Inc up 4%. Increases Yum China Hldgs Inc by 150%

Arp Americas LP increases several positions, up 43%

Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors LP reports several changes to their holdings. AUM decreases by 5%

Janney Capital Management LLC down 4%.

Janney Montgomery Scott LLC increases several positions, up 7%

Nikko Asset Management Americas, Inc. up 34%. Increases Square by 37%

BP PLC [ formerly BP Amoco PLC ] up 5%. Increases Facebook Class A by 21%

INCA Investments LLC down 3% , increases ITAU UNIBANCO HLDG SA by 18%

Connecticut Wealth Management, LLC up 178%; allocates 11.52% of their portfolio to UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP, making it their most concentrated position

Dearborn Partners LLC adds to several positions, up 9%

SG Americas Securities, LLC up 36%, adds to several positions. Most notable addition was a 310% increase to ISHARES TR IBOXX HI YD ETF

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc. up 4%

Kranot Hishtalmut Le Morim Ve Gananot Havera Menahelet Ltd up 20%

Simplex Trading, LLC increases SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR Call by 37%, while increasing their Put by 12%

Systematic Financial Management LP down 12%

Suncoast Equity Management up 8%

Redwood Investments, LLC adds HORIZON THERAPEUTICS PUB LTD as their most concentrated holding; down 1%

Smead Capital Management, Inc. reduces several positions, increases Qualcomm by 109%; up 5%

State Treasurer State of Michigan reduces several positions, AUM down 11%. Their most notable increase was the 18% addition to their ANNALY CAP MGMT INC. They also added 9% to AGNC INVT CORP


Creative Planning up 7%

Thomas H Lee Partners LP sells 15% of their 2 billion stake in Ceridian HCM Holdings, Inc. The company represents 61% of their holdings

Rothschild & Co Asset Management US Inc. sells 35% of their stake in Microsoft, and 44% of CISCO SYS INC. AUM unchanged.

Coronation Fund Managers Ltd. increases Alibaba by 98%

Cambiar Investors LLC increases Shell by 25%, AUM down 8%

Marathon Capital Management  up 10%

Hanson McClain, Inc. up 11%

Troy Asset Management Ltd increases Medtronic by 270% and Google by 316%. AUM up 17%

Chemical Bank [ formerly Chemical Bank & Trust Co/MI ] opens new positions in Dupont De Nemours Inc, Dow Inc, and Corteva Inc. AUM down 1%

Swarthmore Group Inc takes several new positions

Mn Services Vermogensbeheer B.V. increases facebook by 92%, decreases several others. AUM down 2%

Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC increases several positions, AUM up 10%

RNC Capital Management LLC increases AT&T INC by 37%

Brookstone Capital Management up 12%

Texas Yale Capital Corp up 7%

Greenleaf Trust AUM increases 4%. 72% of their 6 billion portfolio is allocated to Stryker Corp

Westside Investment Management, Inc. allocates 32% to AMERICAN CENTURY CA, 15.72% to DFA INVESTMENT GRADE

Artemis Investment Management LLP down 2%

Clarkston Capital Partners, LLC down 3%

Manning & Napier Group, LLC  increases Service Now by 34%

Schwartz Investment Counsel Inc increases BROADRIDGE FINL SOLUTIONS by 293%. AUM up 4%

Saratoga Research & Investment Management increases Biogen by 49%, AUM up 9%

Confluence Investment Management LLC increases position in Fastenal by 97%. up 4%

Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft/FI up 21%, increases several positions

W.E. Donoghue & Co., LLC down 15%.

Rheos Capital Works Inc. sells 18% of OLLIE’S BARGAIN OUTLET HOLDINGS, increases VISA position by 20%

Nationwide Fund Advisors down 25%.

Global Thematic Partners, LLC down 13%

Hengehold Capital Management LLC  up 22%

Sather Financial Group Inc up 7%

Perella Weinberg Partners Capital Management LP up 10%

SG Capital Management LLC up 16%; allocates 11% of their portfolio to AMN HEALTHCARE SERVICES INC making it their most concentrated position

Legato Capital Management LLC up 42%, takes several new positions

AE Wealth Management LLC up 131%

Jag Capital Management, LLC up 45%

Resolution Capital Ltd reduces several positions. down 2%

Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Ltd. up 9%

Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V. decreases AUM by 25%. Reduces several positions

Copeland Capital Management, LLC up 24%

Bessemer Group Inc up 14%

Rothschild Capital Partners, LLC up 10%

Rice Hall James & Associates, LLC unloads several positions, down 7%

Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. up 20%

Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A. increases VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC by 42%, AUM up 4%

Cypress Funds LLC made some nice plays. Increased ROKU and Facebook by 17%, and 47% respectively. Sells half of Boeing, their most concentrated holding in the prior quarter.

Provident Trust Co up 8%; highly concentrated

Diamond Hill Capital Management Inc was very active. AUM $18,699,111,000, up 3%

Summit Partners LP, highly concentrated fund with only 7 positions, stakes $217,194 000 on Uber, representing 38.77% of their total holdings. AUM up 24%

Bank of Italy sells 14% of iShares Core S&P 500 ETF, representing 52.40% of their holdings

DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale up 19%, AUM $19,944,704,000

Close Asset Management Ltd increases several positions

Ardevora Asset Management LLP increases several positions that they reduced in the first quarter. AUM up 7%

SeaTown Holdings Pte. Ltd. liquidates several positions

Aozora Bank, Ltd. increases iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETF by 60%

DDD Partners, LLC liquidates Qualcomm after increasing by 121% in the first quarter

Compass Capital Management, Inc up 6%

Genesis Asset Managers, LLP increases Sina Corp by 182%

Advisor Group, Inc. up 7%, and 26% for the year

CWM, LLC  AUM up 21%

Iridian Asset Management LLC/CT reduces several positions, AUM down 23%

ADAMCAPITAL Gestao de Recursos Ltda. reduces several positions, AUM down 14%

NextCapital Advisers, Inc. increases AUM by 32%

Great West Life Assurance Co/CAN up 16%, 22% for the year

Oslo Asset Management AS down 13%, energy focused; highly concentrated

Merriman Wealth Management, LLC up 800%, 13% of their holdings are in Microsoft

CIBC Private Wealth Group, LLC up 10%

Sanders Capital, LLC a highly concentrated $24 billion fund, increases EOG RES INC by 360% after selling 59% in the prior quarter.

Chicago Equity Partners LLC reduces several positions, down 13%

Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC increases several positions, AUM up 11%

General American Investors Co Inc sells 10% of Microsoft. Not many people did that. AUM up 5%

F3Logic, LLC up 15%

Markel Corp up 9%

Poplar Forest Capital LLC reduced several positions, AUM down 7%

Glynn Capital Management LLC up 24% for the year

Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group, LLC up 17%

Duff & Phelps Investment Management Co up 8%

Jensen Investment Management Inc, highly concentrated; increases several positions; up 4%

Pelham Capital Ltd., highly concentrated; up 16%; increases position in PLANET FITNESS INC by 16%

Tree Line Advisors up 35%; highly concentrated; increases SEA LTD by 81%

Capital Wealth Planning, LLC increases AUM by 836%

Yacktman Asset Management LP  increases Macy’s by $237,280 000, highly concentrated

Lindsell Train Ltd up 14%; highly concentrated; $5,891,690,000 AUM

Broad Peak Investment Management LTD. up 30%; concentrated; adds several positions

Swiss National Bank, AUM $92,701,297,000, up 2%

Ownership Capital B.V. up 11%, concentrated. Adds 25% to CME, AUM of $2,211,193,000

Columbus Circle Investors down 5%

Envestnet Asset Management Inc, AUM  $79,698,886,000, up 9%

Boussard & Gavaudan Investment Management LLP completely liquidates Alibaba, which represented 83% of their holdings in the prior quarter. AUM down 78%

Buckingham Asset Management, LLC up 16%

Ako Capital LLP up 19%; highly concentrated;  $3,933,680,000 AUM

Caymus Capital Partners, L.P. , increases several positions, AUM virtually unchanged, concentration on the energy sector, sells Anadarko

State Board of Administration of Florida Retirement System up 2%, manages $38,426,505,000

Kahn Brothers Group Inc/DE increases several positions, up 25%

Veritas Investment Management LLP up 9%, increases several positions

Optiver US LLC increases several positions, up 42%, exclusively invested in options

ACR Alpine Capital Research, LLC reduces several positions, down 3%

Equity Investment Corp, reduces several positions, down 3%

Tweedy, Browne Co LLC decreases several positions, sells 25% of Cisco, increases Baidu by 65%, AUM down 7%

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation up 0%

CIBC Asset Management Inc  AUM $16,621,557,600, up 4%

Adventist Health System Sunbelt Healthcare Corp makes a nice play on gold, allocating 6% of their portfolio to WORLD GOLD TRSPDR GLD MINIS valued at $103,142 000

Public Investment Fund allocates $3,378,344 000 to Uber, representing 64.62% of their portfolio.

SCF Partners, Inc., concentrated in energy, down 17%

Green Street Investors, LLC sells several positions. Focus on real estate

Wells Fargo & Company/MN, $349,465,829,600 AUM, up 4%. Notable activity was a 10% reduction to the SPDR S&P 500 ETF and a 26% addition to iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF

Jennison Associates LLC, AUM  $99,961,721,400, significantly increases positions in Qualcomm, Twilio, and SAP SE by 996%, 264%, and 524% respectively. AUM down 1%

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corp up 8%, 35 billion AUM

Maj Invest Holding A/S takes a new position in PARKER HANNIFIN CORP, allocating 8.92% of their portfolio to the company. AUM $2,183,074,000 

Treasurer of the State of North Carolina increases 14%, AUM  $15,606,245,000

Contrarius Investment Management Ltd increases several positions. AUM down 7%. Notable additions were a 66% increase to Macy’s and a 299% addition to Barrick Gold

Chubb Ltd liquidates most of their holdings

Oaktop Capital Management II, L.P. sells 12% of CELGENE CORP COM, their top holding, representing 36.45% of their portfolio

Banque Pictet & Cie SA increases ALIBABA GROUP HLDG LTD by 222% and takes a new position in MODERNA INC. AUM up 4%

NEA Management Company, LLC makes few changes, yet down 26%. Might have to look a little closer at that one though

JPMorgan Chase & Co up 4%, AUM $476,042,593,300

Banco Santander, S.A. up 11%

BB&T Securities, LLC up 6%, AUM $10,959,297,200, Inc. took a new position in ZOOM Communication representing 42% of their portfolio

Third Security, LLC  up 27%. Adds 10% to INTREXON CORP, a position that represents 67% of their portfolio. Cuts HALOZYME THERAPEUTICS INC by 24%

Abrams Capital Management, L.P. aggressively added to PG&E in the 1st quarter of this year, allocating $573,000 000 to the company

Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc AUM $164,381,901,200, up 5%

Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C. down 7%

Allianz Asset Management GmbH AUM  $97,027,267,400, up 4%

Prudential Financial Inc AUM $162,752,793,400, up 3%

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