Format on Site Being Manipulated When it Starts Trending. Irrefutable Proof (3nd Update, Hopefully the Final Edit Though lol)

I will check on Tor and and it will look like this, and only when it trends. Noticed a few weeks ago just by chance while I was archiving, then I became suspicious and checked with Tor. Format was still altered

Looks fine on my end though

Only a few hours ago I archived the article on, and it looked normal

But then when I archived it a few hours later, immediately after promoting it on stocktwits, it looks like this – the same as it looked in Tor

This has happened on numerous occasions. The image below shows all the different archived versions of the article. This is just one article, it has happened with many others. If somebody sees a cheap format like that, it will significantly reduce the chance that they either finish it, or more importantly, decide to share it.

Looks like shit — like some cheap low quality blog

What I see not in Tor on my browser, and how it is programmed to look

Looks cheap; low quality for everybody else

Looks like this on my personal browser, how it is supposed to and PROGRAMMED to look with HTML

WordPress tech support said they saw no difference. Showed me a gif of what they were seeing

Just now I checked on Tor shortly after completing this write up, and it looked normal again

So I tried to share the article on stockstwits, and started archiving the page just for future reference, but right before I was about to share it, I checked how it looked on, and it was back to looking like a cheap low quality blog, so I check again on Tor, and it also had changed.

This is how it looks in my browser though.

Another update. Started doing it again….And always as it’s trending, meaning after I’ve starting posting the article on various stock message boards — usually stocktwits

Now it looks like shit. Formatting terrible, not ascetically pleasing at all and the font is too small, and so are pictures. Just looks cheap

But again, it always looks like this on my end, meaning in a normal window — not in Tor — or what shows on

See now it works again. Updating in real time right now. Nobody is viewing it now, or at least not as many people as before. The views have kind of tapered off at this point

Again, though, it always looks normal in my regular browsing window. It never looks cheap or altered.

That’s the code…

Just to reiterate, I discovered this purely by accident and then started testing it with Tor and

Archived stocktwits account where I show several of the same screenshots

I have also tried to archive these pages on, but it will not work. I have been having problems with for awhile now, where when I archive something, it will say it is complete, but then when I check again later, it says the page was not archived….

I became suspicious of when it started to deny me access. I knew I was being denied access because I could access the site in the same browser with the same computer while using Tor, but not in normal browsing mode

This happened on multiple occasions, and it is the primary reason why I spent almost an entire day switching all the archived links on my website from to It took a very long time. Most of the changes were made in the scandals section of my website. I don’t even like using because it always changes IP’s, and even sometimes comes from a proxy server. People affiliated with wikipedia have also expressed concerns about it’s integrity as a reliable archive, saying that it could be used as a means to hack peoples computers. Sometimes it archives with a different url too, like .ph instead of .is

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