On May.12th, After Waiting 2 Months, the Fed has Finally Embarked on its Unprecedented Corporate Debt Buying Spree; Total Investment Grade Issuance Now Valued at $1 Trillion as of May.20th, 2020 According to ZeroHedge

(May.12, 2020, MarketWatch) The Fed’s corporate bond buying binge finally begins https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bond-etfs-jump-as-fed-wades-into-the-market-2020-05-12?mod=article_inline

(May.20, 2020, ZeroHedge) Investment grade issuance has now topped $1 trillion

(FT) “If you think people were upset about bailing out banks where the CEOs were making $50m a year, how are they going to feel about bailing out private equity firms where the CEOs make $500m a year?” said another investor.”
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