Japan Soars 6.41% in Morning Trading in Response to New Stimulus; Tech Stocks Rally; Dow Falls 3.04% Yet the Nasdaq Only Closed Down .27%

Tech stocks exploded today for seemingly no apparent logical reason, with ROKU, PLAY, NVDA, AMD, and NFLX all closing in double or high single digits, although the move could’ve been in response to David Tepper announcing he was bullish on the sector, but that seems unlikely. There were a few other stocks that seemed to moving on no material developments as well; one of them being HERTZ, which closed up 30% on no news. ZM also spiked due to increased demand from Coronavirus

TVIX was probably the biggest loser of the day in terms of value, crashing as much as 50% after briefly touching $1000 on March.18th.

More on Japan in the link below


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