7:06pm EST: CNBC’s Front Page is Titled: “Turnaround Tuesday? Stocks tend to bounce back quickly from market drops like this”

It’s pretty safe to say at this point that they have skin in the game somewhere. On Friday they also tried to suggest that Thursdays sharp sell off in the middle of the day was due to some kind of unexplained anomaly. Others were even trying to imply that this was the product of mini-flash crash.

CNBC’s front page archive as of 7:00pm EST —> https://archive.is/7Pi9X#selection-1345.0-1345.82

From Reminiscences of a Stock Operator:

“I have done my share of trading and have kept fairly well posted on the stock market for many years and I can say that I do not recall an instance when a bear raid caused a stock to decline extensively. What was called bear raiding was nothing but selling based on accurate knowledge of real conditions. But it would not do to say that the stock declined on inside selling or on inside non-buying. Everybody would hasten to sell and when everybody sells and nobody buys there is the dickens to pay”.

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