INPX Under the Microscope: A Never Before Seen Forensic Breakdown of a Chatroom Penny Stock Pump and Dump




Last week from January.2nd to January 3rd, INPX spiked 600% intraday for no reason whatsoever — there was literally no news to justify the price reaction, and what was even more puzzling was the fact that not once during any of these awe inspiring intraday parabolic upticks was it halted by the Nasdaq, a supposed Self Regulatory Organization“(SRO), that has been entrusted by the government with the task of regulating itself.

Included in this report are dozens of archived comments from all the fake posters, fake analyst forecasts, and key filings that precipitated this massive pump and dump. All times listed on are in UTC

You can view the original post by copying and pasting the link at the top of the page.


Let’s first begin by taking a look at the incredibly fake analyst projections posted on CNN’s website. This wouldn’t be the first time they have done something this, and it’s very strange that still to this day it continues to go completely unreported. Apparently posting brazenly fake analyst projections is just a non issue in today’s Nasdaq Capital Markets, where anything goes as long as you are providing liquidity; someway, somehow, that’s all that matters.


The excuse that it’s their algorithm not adjusting for prior reverse splits is completely unacceptable. 1000’s of innocent hard working American investors were already confused enough about this disgraceful pump and dump, so they did not need a Big 6 media corporation that prides itself as being “The Most Trusted Name in News” contributing to this convoluted mess of lies, deceit, misrepresentations, and outright fraud. Maybe it happens so frequently today that people feel it just isn’t worth their time anymore — but who knows.

Since at least May 2019, CNN has been saying that analysts are projecting that Alibaba, one of the largest corporations on the planet, will increase by a factor of 823% over the next 12 months, which clearly speaks volumes about their journalistic integrity. They might be able to get away with the algo argument when it’s a small penny stock like INPX, but not BABA, one of the most subscribed tickers in America.

If Alibaba were to have increased by 823% at the time of this analyst “projection”, its market cap would’ve been $3.8 trillion, 3x that of Apple, the first trillion dollar company in history. What a complete joke.

As crazy as it may sound, people actually believe these CNN projections.

But who is to blame for this? Certainly not the general public. When emotions are flying high and money is on the line, people have a tendency to defer to anything that may support their belief system, regardless of how outrageous it may be.

Just take a look at some of the comments on yahoo message board. Various people appear to believe CNN’s projections, and why should we blame them? CNN is a major media conglomerate with decades of experience, and to some, it would seem highly unlikely that this household name could be capable of making such an outlandish mistake, while at the same time not even caring enough about their viewers to fix this problem for almost 12 full months! Just to reiterate, Alibaba is one of the largest corporations on the planet.

This fake CNN analyst forecast was only the tip of the iceberg, though. The true deception was in the stock message board activity, which was filled with paid stock promoters flooding places like stocktwits and ihub with a barrage of lies, misrepresentations, and completely outrageous price forecasts. From citing bogus pentagon contracts, to claiming INPX was working with NASA Space Station, these money hungry penny pushing pimps set a new standard for low.

Take a look at this guy sporting the nifty Jeff Bezos profile pic. This account was constantly spewing the most outrageous lies one could imagine, and it didn’t take long before it became crystal clear that this was much more than your average run-o’-the-mill naive penny stock investor.

To the untrained eye, that prediction would almost look like magic.

A 590% increase? Wow…. right?

Not so fast.

This was highly deceptive, and this supposed “prediction” was an outright premeditated lie.

TRXC had recently effected a 1-13 reverse split about two weeks after the date of that post, and because the “since post” feature on stocktwits doesn’t factor in reverse split activity when displaying the percentage loss or gain relative to the time of the original post, if the price were to artificially increase by a factor of ten due to a change in the company’s share structure, it will still show that the price gained 1000% irregardless of the split.

Most people who invest in these pieces of shit penny stocks usually won’t know the difference, and when the price is swinging 20% every 30 minutes, people will see a “prediction” like this and think that they can trust in this persons judgement.

As it was stated before, when emotions are flying high with big money on the line, people tend to grasp at anything that confirms their normalcy bias.

As you can see, the company announced the split two weeks after the original comment.

When you see comments such as this, and they have several upvotes, it can potentially cause you to act irrationally and in the moment. This is because they are not meant to sound logical, they are meant to play on your primal emotions, which is fear and greed. When stakes are high, people are not driven to act by logic, they are driven by their feelings, and this is probably why all these comments look so ridiculous after all the dust has settled. .

We’ve all made this mistake at some point in our lives. We will act impulsively, and then look back and wonder what the hell we were thinking, and this is why chat room banter can have such a significant impact on these penny stocks. The price action isn’t based upon logic, because if it was, nobody would even invest in the first place.

For the most part, it is almost impossible to hold these penny stocks long term because by the time the company starts turning a profit, your ownership interest will be so diluted that even if you were to hold for 1 million years, you would still never break even.

It is well known in the world of marketing that social proof is one of the most important aspects of closing a sale, and if somebody sees what at least appears to be a massive crowd of people buying a stock and celebrating about all the money they have made, they might feel inclined to join in on the action for fear of feeling left out.



On the Friday before the truth of this outlandish scam finally came home to roost, many of these chatroom promoters were almost pleading with everybody to hold over the weekend. They kept saying, “Monday”, Monday”, “Better hold so you don’t miss out on Monday!”

And we sure found out why. The price absolutely TANKED




Then came the reverse split at 12:55 ET……on Monday








Once your emotions have been riled up, you will begin to look for anything that validates your desire to make a lot money and fit in with the crowd; whether that be through reviewing fake news sources like CNN Business, seeing screenshots of all the money people have made, or by viewing other bullish news items.

Once your emotions have been verified by these deceptive sources, and combined with all the people in chat rooms pumping up the share price, this is usually all it takes for most of the unfortunate victims of these massive daily Nasdaq Capital Market Scams..

This was also a complete lie by the way. The company was not awarded another extension by the Nasdaq, and this was stated clearly in the company’s filings.








What was also unusual was how such a preposterous hoax; a stock that was up 800% in less than a week — and on no material developments whatsoever — that had also just suddenly exploded several more hundreds of percentage points in a matter of 60 minutes, was not even once halted by the NASDAQ.

They halted several other stocks on that day, but for some unknown reason that the Nasdaq has yet to disclose, the biggest pump and dump in months was given free reign to suck thousands of unsuspecting American investors into being completely and utterly scammed.


How is it possible with all these shenanigans going on, and after halting eight other stocks the very same day, that such an obvious hoax — one that is rarely witnessed by even the most astute traders on Wall Street — a swindle so obviously fake; how was this scam given a free pass by Nasdaq Inc (NDAQ), the supposedly self regulated symbol of American Exceptionalism, while eight other stocks were not?

Did they not think that a 100% percent spike on no material developments warranted further inspection? Again, they temporarily halted eight other stocks that day, so why did they leave this one — the worst one — completely free to spike as high as it wanted without even one intervention? Is that even possible in today’s world of AI supercomputers and big data warehousing? Unfortunately for the innocent hard working people that had their money outright stolen, they will forever be left to speculate, because remember everyone, they regulate themselves.

What we do know is that the Average American Worker was once again ripped off by their stock market, further intensifying the already severe and rapidly growing gap between the rich and the poor in the United States of America.

Today, we live in a world where not only can the ruling class lie to us; watch and listen to us in the privacy of our own homes; and now even outright censor us on social media, but they can also allow innocent hard working people to be scammed almost on a daily basis out in the open for all the world to see, without giving the victims any hope for justice, or even an acknowledgement that something had actually gone wrong.

This is the world we live in folks, and soon the only way for the common folk to get ahead will be to rip people off just like them: trickle down economics.



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down 69%

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5 thoughts on “INPX Under the Microscope: A Never Before Seen Forensic Breakdown of a Chatroom Penny Stock Pump and Dump

  1. There was a reason for all the attention this instrument aquired. They had news and the price was right. It’s that simple. The market is about predicting the future and deals were being made. Even a TV showing. Everyone is warned the market is volitile the issue is reverse splits. It’s a magic card pulled when things don’t go as planned. U don’t know how it would have ended if it were left to organically rise or fall. So to blame others for not stepping in is a copout. U are always in control of your opinion. I saw the first afternoon spoke and choose not to chase. Scared money doesn’t lose money. The idiot at CNN probably believed this company had potential with indoor positioning whatever that crap is. The market can’t start halting stocks for going up or down to fast. That’s not free market.

    1. This statement proves you know nothing about the stock market
      “The market can’t start halting stocks for going up or down to fast”

      This was the biggest scam I’ve seen in a long time. There was literally nothing that justified that parabolic move; it just happened out of nowhere. Look yourself.

      How dare you even attempt to apologize for these crooks. It’s rhetoric like yours that enables these scams to continue robbing 100’s of millions (probably more) every year from average hard working Americans, which only acts to further demoralize an already indebted and under represented middle class. Shame on you.

      All these crooks do is suck money out of the pool without providing anything in return, and the fact that nobody even blinks an eye anymore at such rampant and obvious fraud speaks volumes about our society today. The sheer absurdity of these pump and dumps is like something you would expect in a place like Romania, not the United States of America, the supposed greatest nation in human history.

      It’s about time we take a long look in the mirror, because this is getting to be an embarrassment. It’s time we put a stop to it once and for all. If Zuckerberg wants to
      ban our speech online while such brazen institutional theft is allowed to go completely unchallenged almost on a daily basis, then we truly are creating a two tiered dystopian nightmare no different than any other highly corrupt dictatorship seen throughout history.

    2. But the market does halt stocks for going up or down too fast.

      Address that issue without dismissing.

      We will go through each issue, one at a time, until you finally comprehend what you are reading.

  2. I’m “GaijinTrader” on that INPX thread. I got caught up in the hype too but recognized quickly that there were shenanigans going on. I sold for a profit just before the dump and then really started digging. I think there is a story about Sabby Management and Hal Mintz and his Cayman offshore entity and their involvement in all these penny stocks. INPX, TTNP, ADXS, etc. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the pumpers like salm10 were associated with them in some way. I read two posts from that guy and immediately blocked him. I tried to warn folks once I had the same conclusion you did. Naturally, I’ve been told to pound sand by folks still holding this worthless stock. Being called a bear, etc. Now folks are moving to TTNP for their “next big run”. Same stuff happening on that ticker. I’m new to ST and to active trading (most investments in retirement accounts) and this has really opened my eyes. Thankfully, I’ve trained myself over the years to recognize BS by seeing manipulation in the MSM. It served me well here and I’ll be avoiding these stocks like the plague, just as I did when I turned off the MSM back in the mid 2000’s. All spin and opinion when all you want are the facts.

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