Intelsat 3rd Quarter Fund Activity

Silver Lake Group, L.L.C reduced their position by 17%. Their first reported investment in the company was in 2013

Key Square Capital Management LLC increased their position by 139%. They first invested in the company during the 1st quarter of this year. The fund is run by Scott Bessent, the former manager of George Soros’ $30 billion fortune. Read more

Pentwater Capital Management LP increased their position by 98%. They made their first investment in the 2nd quarter of this year

PointState Capital LP reduced their holdings by 38%, instead choosing to invest in their debt, which is now their most concentrated position

Discovery Capital Management increased their position by 8%. INTELSAT is their most concentrated position, valued at $145,887,000, and representing 25% of their highly concentrated portfolio

Kerrisdale Advisers, LLC appears to have avoided this recent sell off. They began reducing their exposure in the 2nd quarter, first by 31%, and again in the 3rd by 58%. They reported their first investment in the company on June 19, 2018

Kettle Hill Capital Management, LLC increased their position by 14% in the 3rd. They sold half their position in the 1st quarter, then increased by 233% in the 2nd. Their first investment was in the 2nd quarter of 2018

BC Partners Advisors L.P. made no changes. They own 41% of the company

Nokota Management sold 1/2 of their small position in the 3rd

Appaloosa LP sold all of their holdings after taking a new position in the 2nd. This appears to be just a small trade

Slate Path Capital LP took a small position in the company in the 3rd quarter.

Centerbridge Partners, L.P. increased their position by 25%

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