Westwater Resources Spikes 317% Intraday After News of $200 000 Delivery of Graphite Flake

source: company website

It took me awhile to wrap my head around this one, and I was about to just give up the research, then an idea came to mind: check the price of graphite flakes. Genius right?

Now I’m no expert, so I just assumed 20 tons is a lot of graphite, and would thus constitute as a large shipment, but to my surprise, after performing some quick “due diligence”, per se, I discovered that 20 tons of graphite is relatively cheap, only costing roughly $200 000.


They bought the graphite business for $6.4 million in common stock in 2018


And the next year they sold the royalty rights to their Uranium business



But they don’t plan on beginning production of graphite for a very long time, and they have very little cash considering how much money they lose on a quarterly basis.

PR dated Sep 19, 2019

source: company website


Why is the price up so much then? Well, when in doubt, refer to Charlie Munger’s famous quote:

“Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome”

So who stands to gain? Well, there is a particular underwriter who is buying stock from the company, then selling it in the secondary markets. They have so far registered 526,784 and 707,750 , and the initial agreement, dated June.06, was that the underwriters would buy up to $10 million in stock from the company. Based upon this, you can know that there is still stock left on the table to be purchased and sold by the underwriter.

‘S-1’ on 6/11/19

‘424B3’ on 6/24/19

The underwriters were only able to sell 319 643 at that time because of the Nasdaq exchange cap; a rule that forces a company to obtain shareholder approval before they can sell anything above 19.99% of the company’s market cap/outstanding shares.

‘8-K’ for 8/6/19

And you see the share price spikes as much as 64% between Aug.06 and Aug.08

When they announced the Graphite facility news on September.19th, the price again spiked 40% intraday

The company then filed a prospectus for 707 750 shares on September.26th

This article has been updated. .It was initially stated that their shipment was only for $20 000 worth of graphite, and this was incorrect. Battery grade graphite is more expensive

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