CNBC: TD Cuts Trading Commissions, Matching Schwab, Market Down 300 Points At 10:00am

Is the end finally coming?  Charles Schwab cut 600 jobs a few weeks ago, and after 10 years of historically low interest rates and equally historic fiscal expansion, the stock market is up 400% from the lows achieved during the financial crisis.

With the cost of living a middle class lifestyle reaching astronomical levels in some cities, have we finally reached the end of this inflationary cycle?   How much higher can the stock market really go at this point?

As history has shown many times, October is usually a point of reckoning.

CNBC: “The “race to zero” for the brokerage industry is over.

TD Ameritrade said late Tuesday that the company will eliminate all commission fees for online U.S. stock, exchange-traded fund and option trades.  Read more

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