Update On GHSI Insider Sales Registration Statement. New 180 Day Lock-Up With Underwriters

The prior S-1 has a new lock up following this recent offering

Wednesday, 8/7/19, at 6:04am ET 

Monday, 8/12/19, at 6:42am ET  S-1/A

Pre funded Warrants – 1,000,000
“The purchase price of each Pre-Funded Warrant will be equal to the price per share at which shares of common stock are sold to the public in this offering”

Common stock: 12,000,000 shares

Warrants: 13,000,000; exercise price of $0.585 per share, and immediately exercisable

Expected proceeds: We estimate that the net proceeds from this offering will be approximately $4,868,848, or $5,676,148

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