Market Movers, August.15th. China Punches Back, Walmart Saves The Day

6:57am, Dow futures 25,303.00, down 152 points, volume 93,195

“Walmart shares jump on earnings beat, raised outlook”, CNBC reports

China says it has to take counter-measures to latest US tariffs, CNBC

7:09am, Walmart up 5.3% on 132,601 shares

Tweets from yesterday

7:17am, Dow futures only down 59 points now, volume 100,262. Walmart earnings provides a sense of relief

“30-year Treasury yield falls below 2% for the first time ever”, CNBC

7:21, futures down 47 now

Peoples Daily front page archived.

7:32am, Pivotal Software is up 69% on 90,999 shares after reporting it is in talks with VMware for a potential buyout priced at $15 per share

CGC is down 13% in the premarket after reporting a non-cash charge of 1.2 billion related to the Constellation Brands acquisition. Nobody seems to understand it on social media. Most popular reddit thread

7:40am, Dow futures now up 69 points, volume 110,812

7:41am, futures up 77 points

7:44am, Cisco Systems is down 8.16% on 206,785 shares after lowering Q1 guidance last night. Read more

7:53am, Fibrocell up 9% on 9000 shares after reporting net income of $0.78 per share, vs a loss in the same quarter of last year. Full report

7:57am, VIPS up 13% on 126,616 shares after beating on estimates. Click image for the full report

Richard Bernstein said we are in the 9th inning yesterday on CNBC yesterday. In September of last year, Ray Dalio said we were in the 7th inning.

 8:03am, Dow futures now up 219 points, volume 119,221

Hemp company RKDA is bouncing back after a short correction. Sentiment is high with this stock. Read more
As of 8:11am, it is up 22% on 528,464 shares traded

Valeritas says trial on insulin delivered by V-Go meets primary A1c endpoint, thefly. Up 2% on 90 00 shares as of 8:16am

CNBC Reports, GE shares drop after Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos calls it a ‘bigger fraud than Enron’

8:15am, RVLV is 5% after getting crushed yesterday. It was down as much as 14% before spiking 6% in the afterhours. It also received some coverage from Jim Cramer’s Mad Money last night

8:20am, Dow futures up 117 points, volume 124,523

8:23am, GE down 4.7% on 5,044,311 shares

All marijuana stocks got crushed in the afterhours

8:25am, CSIQ is up 13% on 33,953 shares after crushing estimates, upgrades guidance. Click the image for full report

 8:33am, TPR down 7.8% on 27,567 shares after missing on estimates by $0.10. Announces share repurchase program and declares quarterly dividend. Click the image for the full report

U.S productivity grows 2.3%.

“Hong Kong unveils $2.4 billion economic support package as protests weigh”, CNBC

Reuters front page archived.

8:48am, Dow futures up 141 points, volume 131,444

9:05am, SINT is up 39% on 540,540 shares after reporting a reduction in losses compared to the same quarter last year. They also effectuated a reverse split on July.26th, reducing their outstanding shares to 1.9 million.

9:11am, Dow futures up 180 points, volume 139,694

Spread between the 2 and the 10 is 2 points. No longer inverted

“Retail sales surge in July in a reassuring sign for the U.S. economy”, Marketwatch

9:34a, Dow sitting at 25,584, up 104 points

9:47am, Dow up 21 points, volume 37,069,151

9:52am, Dow up 36 points, volume 41,927,998

9:57am Dow up 93 points, volume 48,087,730

10:21am, Dow up 28 points, volume 70,921,339

10:23am, Dow up 61 points, volume 72,219,814

10:54am, Dow up 71 points, volume 95,166,689

11:07am, Dow turns red, down 6 points, volume 103,131,659

11:19am, Dow down 29 points, volume 112,814,749

11:22am, Dow down 52 points, volume 115,181,232

11:27am, Dow goes positive again, up 4 points, volume 118,597,539

11:38am, Dow up 42 points, volume 124,889,897

11:55am, Dow up 23 points, volume 133,078,664

12:15pm, Dow up 113 points, volume 146,266,539

12:47pm, Dow up 65 points, volume 160,991,428

1:44pm Dow down 23 points, volume 186,718,402

1:54pm, Dow down 113 points, volume 195,151,501

2:15pm, up 10 points, volume 210,641,357

“Web security company Cloudflare files to go public”, CNBC

2:31am, Dow up 19 points, volume 219,660,118

 3:57pm, Dow 119 up points, volume 288,622,201

“Nvidia jumps on earnings beat”, CNBC reports

4:55om, Dow up 99 points , volume 335,796,782

Stay tuned for updates!

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