Flash Fact: By The End of 2018, The Total Outstanding Debt In The Form of Corporate Bonds Was $13 Trillion

“The total outstanding debt in the form of corporate bonds reached USD 13 trillion as of end-2018. In real terms, this is twice as much as in 2008“.

“Between 2008-2018 global corporate bond issuance averaged USD 1.7 trillion per year, compared to an annual average of USD 864 billion during the years leading up to the financial crisis”.

” Global net issuance of corporate bonds in 2018 decreased by 41% compared to 2017, reaching its lowest volume since 2008″.

“Net issuance of non-investment grade bonds turned negative in 2018 indicating a reduced risk appetite among investors. The only other year that this happened over the last two decades was in 2008”.

SOURCE: https://www.oecd.org/corporate/Corporate-Bond-Markets-in-a-Time-of-Unconventional-Monetary-Policy.pdf

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