Market Movers July.17th

7:01, Dow futures up 13 points

“Ericsson says in ongoing settlement negoiations with SEC, DOJ”, down 5.84% as of 7:23am on 243,068 shares traded, reports

7:36am, VISL up 23% on 918,003 shares traded after announcing that they consummated their previously announced public offering. We provided some excellent commentary on this in June.

7:53am, ORN up 13% on 51,432 shares traded after being awarded a $52 million contract, reports

FRAN effectuated a 1-12 reverse split on July.2nd, 2019, resulting is the reduction of their outstanding shares from 36 000 000 to roughly 3 000 000. It is currently up 35% as of 8:06am on 361,847 shares traded. No apparent news right now

On May.03rd, Cross River Capital reported owning 10.4% of the class, but today they filed a 13-D showing they increased their stake to 19.9%

8:15am, YTRA up 18.5% on 119,315 shares traded after announcing they will be acquired by Ebix for $4.90 per share via merger. Read more

“Futures flat as investors weigh bank results”, Reuters reports

Qualcomm up 4.7% on 177,318 shares traded as of 8:29am after “U.S. Justice Department asked a federal appeals court to pause the enforcement of a sweeping antitrust ruling”, CNBC reports 

Esther George set to speak today

Beige Book results coming out today

There doesn’t seem to be any news indicating XBIO priced their offering, but it is down 45% at 8:54am on 96,501 shares traded, so you have to assume it was priced

“Amazon in EU antitrust spotlight over use of merchant data”, reports

Just reported, 9:03am. “Bank of America shares fall after CFO warns lower rates will hit net interest income growth”, CNBC reports

XBIO finally releases the news for the pricing of their public offering, only 2 minutes before market open at 9:28am. Shares were priced at $6.50 per share and pre funded warrant. They also offered warrants with an exercise price of $13.00 per share. Read full the full press release

Stay tuned for updates!

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