Market Movers, July.15th

6:58am, Dow futures up 45 points

7:09am, CAPR up 72% on 178,633 shares traded after announcing “Positive Results from its Interim Analysis in the HOPE-2 Trial to Treat Patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”. Read more

7:13am, Energy Fuels Inc up 9.8% on 43,318 shares traded after the company cited Trumps working group on uranium independence, Read more

7:17am GLPG up 15% on 39,934 shares traded after price target is raised from $130.00 to $188 by Cantor Fitzgerald after Gilead deal, reports

“Oklahoma, J&J to wrap up first trial over opioid crisis”, TEVA down 5% as of 7:32am on 284,336 shares traded, Reuters reports

CAPR effectuated a 1-10 reverse stock split on June.04 resulting in a reduction of outstanding stock from 34.7 million shares to approximately 3.5 million shares. Roughly 46% of their outstanding stock is owned by beneficial owners and insiders.

They filed an S-3 in October of last year, but there doesn’t look to be any indication that it was approved by the SEC as of yet. Will have to look into that further

“Symantec, Broadcom cease deal negotiations”. SYMC down 13.7 as of 9:27am. CNBC reports

AETI up 22% on 2,934,308 shares traded. They have plans for a reverse merger where they intend to issue over 100 000 000 in new shares to Stabilis.

From their Proxy statement dated 6/12/19 “A majority of the funds borrowed by Stabilis and its subsidiaries have been provided by Casey Crenshaw and entities he controls or with which he is affiliated. If such funding is not available in the future, Stabilis and its subsidiaries would be required to seek other sources of capital. Such capital might not be available or might require the payment of higher rates of interest and contain restrictions on their operations and leverage which could limit their ability to grow. If capital were raised through an equity issuance, current stockholders would be diluted”.

PRED, an OTC pink sheet listed stock, is up 30% on 970 000 shares traded after announcing 11 straight quarters of earnings growth. Link

It looked very oversold on Friday, and we were thinking about posting it as a pick. Senator Orrin G. HatchIt , the longest serving Republican senator in U.S history, was named to the company’s board of directors on March.19th . You can read further into the stock by visiting

The VIX is currently up 3.8% as of 11:09am

 11:10am, Dow down 4 points

WKHS is in full pump territory. We underestimated the power of this stock, currently up 11% on 3,451,531 shares traded.

FCEL down 40% after providing updates about the precariousness of their financial position. We briefly reported on this company a few days ago, taking note of the dubiousness of one of their press releases.

Stay tuned for updates!

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