Market Movers, June, 27th

7:54AM, Seelos Therapeutics Announces Acquisition of an Exclusive Worldwide License of Gene Therapy Program to Address Parkinson’s Disease from Duke University, up 30% on 850 000 shares traded, Read more

7:56AM Novavax Confirms Accelerated Approval Pathway Available for Licensure of NanoFlu™, up 7.5% on 95 000 shares traded, Read more


8:02AM, MoneyGram up 9% on 387 000 shares traded after announcing new credit agreements with BOA, Read more 
They also recently secured a deal with Ripple where the blockchain company agreed to invest 50 million into the company for $4.10 per share, nearly 3 times the price of it’s common stock at the time, link


8:22AM, KBH up 7% on 62 000 shares traded after announcing 2nd quarter earnings results.
Click image below to read the full report

Bitcoin pulls back almost 10%, blockchain stocks follow.  RIOT, MARA down more then 10%

courtesy tradingview

OSTK only down 6% as of 8:30AM on 60 000 shares traded,

Dow is flat

Atossa Genetics’ Preliminary Phase 2 Study Achieves Primary Endpoint: Topical Endoxifen Rapidly Reduces Breast Density, up 28% at 9:22 AM on 2.2 million shares traded, Read more

Short report on CETX from a few years ago.  They filed a suit against him but it never went through:

1:30PM Bitcoin getting destroyed!!!

1:58PM, The Howard Hughes Corporation, $HHC, up 35% after announcing
“In light of recent media speculation, The Howard Hughes Corporation® (NYSE: HHC) today confirmed that its Board of Directors is conducting a broad review of potential strategic alternatives to maximize shareholder value. The Board is committed to exploring this review to best serve the interests of the company’s shareholders”. Read more

Those $KERN warrants are up big, will have to look into those, up 22% on 200 000 shares traded

Bitcoin still down significantly, 4:40PM

Dow finishes down 10 points due to Beoing sell off , SPX up 11 points, Russell finishes up 1.8%. Market still looking bullish

Stay tuned for updates

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