Disney Impairs Almost Entire Investment In Vice Media.

Remember when Vice was actually like….good. At one time they produced the most exciting and unique documentaries on the internet, but once Disney got involved, it just became another one of the many mainstream media outlets, with only a slight tinge of the zest and excitement left of its original self. The once 5.7 billion media darling has crumbled, and is now considered by Disney to be completely and utterly worthless……Just imagine if somebody told you that Vice was going to be worthless 4 years ago, people would have called you crazy.

All the most popular videos are dated before Disney got involved

Its like when you ask that guy at work, “how did you fuck this up” when they were asked to do something that seemed so straight forward. $350 million write down on Vice? What happened? Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. They completely changed their style of reporting. Once they were assimilated into the media conglomerate borg, they stopped the hard hitting guerrilla journalism, stopped going against the grain, and became a facsimallie of their former self. They started pushing the typical mainstream media talking points that most of us know are fake, and essentially, in a nutshell, they just sold out.

The worst part about this isn’t so much that they failed, because in this day and age, businesses come and go all the time. The real problem is that Disney just doesn’t care. They are worth $245 billion, so Vice accounts for only .1% of their market cap. For a company that was considered to be the template for targeting millennials, a potential revolution in the art of online journalism, you’d expect a little bit more disappointment from the owners, but unfortunately for the rest of the population, its just another day at the office for them, and here lies the problem. All Disney cares about is sustaining market share, and if that means sucking up as many bright start ups in the process, then so be it. Even when they lose, they still win because they eliminate competition. Up to a certain point, their goals are not consistent with efficient productivity, growth, and innovation, and thus, our national culture suffers, so that in the end, all we are left with is that standard corporate cookie cutter PG-13 style of entertainment that most of the population hates, but just puts up with for lack of an alternative

source: https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-ct-disney-vice-writeoff-20190508-story.html